3 Bedroom Chalet Bungalow.

Client: Private

Project type: One off Dwelling

Completed: March 2014

Approximate value: £500,000

The site is located in the heart of Storrington, West Sussex, on land formerly owned by Brook End House, occupying a piece of land overgrown by trees & shrubs surrounding a derelict outhouse.

WGADD were approach by the client who had purchased the site with planning approval which they wanted to amend to include additional space. This came with its own complications due to previous refusals for larger developments upon the site.

The re-submitted application enlarged the approved layout by pushing forward a bedroom creating an additional gable to the front elevation matching the adjacent approved gable. The plans also added a fitness gym and pool table area within a basement, whilst re-organising the existing internal layout creating larger internal areas to suit the client’s requirements to house two large dogs.

A separate application was also submitted to amend the derelict listed outhouse layout to include a home office on a mezzanine floor, additional living, dining & kitchen areas plus a ground floor toilet. Due to the historic nature of the listed outhouse an Historic Building Survey was required.

The original planning application the site was purchased with, confirmed that the dwelling would have to meet Code Level 3, so a Code Assessor was employed to ensure compliance.

There was no gas connection into the site and the client chose not to be connected. Therefore, to achieve the code requirements the dwelling was designed with a fabric first approach, increasing the thermal envelope of the building reducing the heating needs. An air source heat pump was used to assist with the heating of the hot water and underfloor heating. Additional standards such as Life Time Homes and Secured By Design were also introduced to ensure compliance and the future life of the building.